para-historian and domestic goddess

The Haunted Housewife

What I do:

Among other things, that is...

   As The Haunted Housewife, I am an active paranormal investigator. Although I've investigated hundreds of private residences and public places, it is the historic venues that I consider my specialty. But I don't do this alone. Cathi and I work together as team of dedicated para-historians. We approach the paranormal from a historic perspective.

   Historic buildings are true treasures, store houses of memories with many stories to tell. Our agenda is to learn about the people who lived, loved, worked, and died in these places. 

   We give a voice to the dead and let their stories be told through our work. It's personal and it's important. The past should never be forgotten. The Haunted Housewives want to ensure that the people and events of the past are remembered and represented with respect. We focus on the experience, not the evidence.

   Cathi and I devote much of our time to paranormally themed fundraisers for historically relevant haunted locations. Our goal is to heighten awareness and bring much needed funding to museums, historical societies, manor homes, family farms, and other place in desperate need of loving attention and financial assistance. The paranormal angle has helped save many of these places from demolition or permanent closure. 

   We also teach classes and workshops on paranormal topics. We love to share our experiences and perspective of the field with others who share our passion. We stress the importance of proper historical research and open minded investigation. We especially love teaching the younger generations in the "art" of hunting ghosts. Cathi gets a real kick out of scaring the kids!